Wednesday 27th September 2017


Overcast. Warmish. The Tongariro came up and flooded overnight peaking at about 195 cumecs but as of 9:00am is down to about 95 cumecs coloured very brown.  Fishable on the edges or side waters if you are keen. It must have poured down overnight .... must have had a good sleep .... never heard a thing !  

This minor flood may possibly start to flush a few spent fish back down river.   It will also move some fresh run ones up river too. Prior to this rain anglers were catching plenty of fish. Mostly taking out smaller glo bugs for the nymphers.

(Below) A misty start to the morning this morning. This is showing the higher water below the S.H.1 road bridge at 8:00am. Andrew reported a brown colour but to me this would look good to fish on the edge. Only a few more days to go until the the smaller lakes open for fishing which will give anglers alternative water to fish. 


tongariro river 27092017.jpg


nylon 1 pickup 2017.jpg

(Above) This is a handy little gadget that I use to round up my offcuts of nylon.  Also I am finding that I use it to pick up discarded nylon along the riverbank as well.  The idea is to wrap the nylon around the gadget and your finger then slide it into the foam slot at the left.  When you get home you just cut through the nylon and all the bits come out in small pieces. Each angler should take responsibility to pick up discarded nylon as they see it, also don't leave coffee cups and rubbish in the carparks! Stick it back in your car and take it home with you ! 

Can be purchased in Sporting Life RRP $19.99

nylon 2 pickup 2017.jpg

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