Tuesday 27th October 2015


Sold my first dry flies EVER yesterday. When I talked to the man, I asked him if he had caught anything on dry flies and I was surprised to hear that yes he had caught a few. So maybe that is something to keep in mind, watch the trout and see if they are coming to the surface. I am looking forward to learning about dry flies this summer.  I'm sure that the knowledgeable fisherman (don't tell him that thou cause you can see his head swell when you do) Jared will happily tell me the inns and outs of them soon enough. Lucky me ;)

The weather looks pretty gorgeous today, last night when I went to bed the sky was absolutely clear and the moon was shining brightly in the window, but when I woke up I was surprised to find puddles galore around the house. When we got into town this morning what a difference. Blue skies, a bit of wind is what Turangi gets to enjoy today. I didn't manage to get down the river before work but it might be a little windier down there.

Sorry for the short report today, but I promise to update it thru the day if we get any juicy information! 

(Below) With Yvette talking about dry flies this morning, I was lucky enough the other evening to take a close-up shot of this Mayfly.  These will be the sorts of insects hatching at the moment, however the wind is gusting very strong which will make it hard to present one of these very nicely. The wind will also blow them off the water very quickly and therefore shorten the time they will sit on the surface.  Note the little patches of yellow just down where the wings join the body.  The fly that represents this Mayfly is called a Kakahi Queen. Note the detail of the Mayfly.  It has a segmented body and on the tail you can make out thin vertical lines. Don't get too pedantic with detail as something tied roughly the same shape should work just right, also roughly the same colour.




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