Thursday 27th October 2016


Overcast with the odd bit of sun poking through. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is highly fishable today. 

Still some good reports of evening rise fishing.  Appears to be mostly Blue Duns and Kakahi Queens hatching with some anglers doing quite well swinging emergers and wee wets. No one really raving about caddis yet ... I might have to get out for a flick to give it a burn ....

The nymphing still appears to be quite good with anglers still using glo bugs and a mixture of naturals. Heaps of fish are in the river at the moment and they are still spawning. 

Over the last few days the wetliners have been doing quite well using olive woolly buggers and SLF woolly buggers. 

Might also pay to have a wander up the Tauranga-Taupo river if you are into spotting fish.

A few anglers have been heading over the hill to Lakes Rotoaira and Otamangakau but the weather has been pretty windy at times and the temperatures are still quite cool. Picking your days and your spots might pay off though.

(Below) Andrew doing the Sporting Life Facebook report this morning.  Looking upstream to the Hydro Pool with a highly fishable river. 

tongariro river 27102016.jpg


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