Friday 27th October 2017


Overcast but fine with the sun trying to come out. No wind as of 9:00am. All rivers are fishable.

I went out late yesterday evening to see if there was an evening rise.  The odd fish was coming up about an hour before dark.  I was hoping that closer to dark I would see a hatch .... I was thinking that at this time of year I might see a hatch of anglers, however there was only the odd one or two of those that hatched.  Most probably stayed home because of the cold wind that was up.

Just before dark there was an eruption of fish !!!  They started to rise in most parts of the pool.   This indicated that a caddis hatch was on.

taupo fishery 3 tongariro river 26102017.jpg

(Above) No anglers fishing the top part of the Major Jones Pool last night.

(Below) One angler fishing the middle part of the Major Jones Pool and one way down by the Island. 

It is easy to spot the "rising" rings in this flat water .... not so easy in the faster water.

taupo fishery 4 tongariro river 26102017.jpg


taupo fishery 1 tongariro river 26102017.jpg

(Above) Just remember that you need a Taupo Fishing Licence to fish in the Taupo Fishing District.  The Fish and Game fishing licences are not valid here.

(Below) A timely reminder of what "should" happen on the river in terms of manners.

taupo fishery 2 tongariro river 26102017.jpg

(Below) "One Ring to Rule them all".  I had the pleasure of removing this from an angler the other day. Apparently it got there due to the excessive wind that day ;-) 

one ring to rule them all oct 2017.jpg

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