Friday 27th November 2015


Overcast and humid start to the day. No wind, and no rain or drizzle at this stage. All rivers are fishable.  Had a few more anglers in reporting fish that have been feeding on Green Beetle. These hot, humid conditions are usually quite good for the beetles. They are a stunning green colour and the fish just can't get enough of them. They are good fished on the river and out on Lake Taupo any lure with a touch of nice shiny green usually does the trick. 

The green beetles like chewing on Manuka leaves.  There are brown beetles as well which look almost identical to the green beetle but are .... brown.  I understand that these ones are grass grubs in the larval stage.


(Above) The mighty green beetle.

(Below) How many can you spot on this Manuka bush ?  I make five.  This bush had probably 500-600 on I when I took the photo !!!


(Below) The brown beetle.


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