Thursday 28th January 2016


An overcast start to the day so far but no rain.  We never got that much out of the forecast from yesterday and as a consequence the Tongariro is highly fishable today. Keep an eye on the forecast later in the day.

The Tauranga-Taupo River looks good to fish this morning. The Hinemaiaia and Waitahanui look good according to the Boss. Try the rips at these rivers. Some anglers in the shop over the last week have reported some good fishing at some of the mouths. 

Still getting reports from boaties that "the fishing is really good but still a lot of slabs about". Give it some time and these fish will fatten up.

There was welcome relief for everyone last night after the rain ..... cooler temperatures enabling people to feel more comfortable. 

Once the sun comes out then the cicadas should be in full swing again. 

After my afternoon of fishing the Tongariro on Monday with my Brother-in-Law, I decided to head out in the evening to see if I could secure some browns. Luck would have it that I managed to get two on the wetline. Nothing much happened until the moon came out from behind a cloud and then I got 2 in about four casts !

I had to get out to see if I could find them for my mate Kjell and get in to catch some before Lars turns up ;-) 


(Above) The first brown I hooked. This thing put up quite a fight and going by the fight thought it was similar to the 11lb one I got last year ..... however on landing it and weighing it, the fish only went 6.5lbs !!

(Below) The same fish as the picture above.


(Below) The picture above didn't really do the fish justice but the picture below shows how wide this thing was.  Not a big fish really. Normally you can tell you have a BIG fish when your hand can hardly fit around the tail !!



(Below) The second fish I hooked.  This one was a nice fish but only went 5.5lbs.



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