The Tongariro River was quiet this morning. Not a soul on the river looking up and downstream from Major Jones Bridge. There was a nice looking rainbow holding directly below the Bridge to whom I tipped my hat, said good day sir and made my way to the shop.

Brisk this morning but looking to be another magnificent day in Turangi.

Not a lot of info coming in from anglers at the moment regarding fish condition or numbers caught. Ive seen more fish in the last few days then I had in the previous couple of weeks so well worth getting out there.

I've included some photos of a Fly Box set up that I'm keen to try out. There is a few changes I'd make to the fly's but I feel confident I would have some great fishing as is.

What do you think? Would you be confident going out with this Fly Box? What would you add, replace or remove? Email me at

See you at Sporting Life


Fly Box.jpg


Fly Box 2.jpg 

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