Friday 28th April 2017


Overcast day with low cloud to begin with that looks to be lifting mid morning. Cool. No wind.  All rivers are fishable.

Anglers have been reporting some very nice fresh run rainbows in the Tongariro with quite a few reporting catching what appear to be fresh run hens that are in top condition but with very small un-developed roe sacks. Not sure why these are in the river.

Local angler 001 who works in the shop with us was out on Lake Taupo fishing with his mate, (the Red Panda) and secured these nice looking conditioned rainbows.  He usually fishes out of Motuoapa from the boat and usually harls. This time he informed me he was trolling with a downrigger and said the fish were down at about 120 feet. 


sporting life turangi red panda lake taupo trout april 2017.jpg

(Above) Red Panda with a nice catch of Lake Taupo trout.

(Below) Some great conditioned fish have shown up this year and this should bode well for the river anglers.

sporting life turangi red panda lake taupo trout fat april 2017.jpg

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