Monday 28th May 2018


Fine and sunny. A good strong S / SW wind blowing making things very cool. The Tongariro is a jade green colour and highly fishable with the nymph or wetline. The Boss reports that there was no wind up at Motuoapa so the Tauranga-Taupo might be worth a fish out of the wind.

Andrew reported most anglers found the fishing a little slow over the weekend which was most likely due to the flood that we had, the higher water levels and some colour to the river. Now that the water has cleared up and is looking good, anglers will have to deal with the wind !!

There were quite a few anglers over the weekend giving the Tongariro a nudge.  I went for a walk on Saturday and saw most of the angling concentration in the Hyro Pool and around the S.H.1 road bridge.


tongariro river walkway 2 sporting life turangi fishing report 26052018.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream to the Island Pool from the true right side of the river. On Saturday the water was a milky grey colour.  Perfect for swinging a dark wetfly.

(Below) Looking downstream to the Judges Pool in the distance.

tongariro river walkway 1 sporting life fishing report 26052018.jpg

(Below) Lookin down onto the Judges Pool.  The day cleared up in the afternoon and it was a really nice day. You can see the pine trees growing madly here.  In another 10 years they will be much bigger than they are now. Also you can see the willows really taking hold in the centre lower part of the picture.

tongariro river walkway 4 sporting life turangi fishing report 26052018.jpg

(Below) A close up of the Judges Pool.  Not one angler here on Saturday afternoon.

tongariro river walkway 5 sporting life turangi fishing report judges pool 26052018.jpg

(Below) Looking down from the " seat " to the S.H.1 road bridge.  You can see all of the trees on the flat part of Turangi.  These are mostly all oak trees that have now lot their leaves for the Winter.

tongariro river walkway 6 sporting life turangi fishing report bridge fishng lodge 26052018.jpg

(Below) Three anglers fishing the " Bridge Pool of Old " on Saturday afternoon.

tongariro river walkway 7 sporting life turangi fishng report 26052018.jpg

 (Below) I spotted a few " Basket Fungus " on the side of the track the other day.  A usual Autumn sight.

tongariro river walkway 3 sporting life turangi fishing report basket fungus 26052018.jpg

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