Friday 28th July 2017


Fine and sunny. A moderate cold Southerly wind blowing through town today.  The Tongariro is highly fishable today flowing at around 35 cumecs. We didn't get a lot of rain yesterday and today is back to sunshine. 

The days are getting noticeably longer now. When I leave work there is still some daylight and it is also lighter in the mornings. We are just over a month away from the "Official" start of Spring being the 1st of September ... not long until those Mayflies start hatching then ;-) 

Well I have to report that normally 10% of the anglers catch 90% of the fish but at the moment I would say that  95% of anglers seem to be catching something apart from the bushes, rocks, or their ears !!

The fishing has been dynamite over the last week. Those who haven't caught much over the last few years appear to be catching some fish which is giving them a great boost in confidence, however there are still a few that are watching others catching fish all around them and not picking up fish themselves. My suggestion here is to seek some professional guided assistance.

Other anglers are getting "busted and dusted" by fish that are getting the better of them. 

Nymphers are doing well mostly on glo bugs with the odd green caddis thrown in the mix and wetliners mostly using red or orange rabbits.  

(Below) I received this photo and email this morning thanks to Alexis Butcher.  Alexis writes:

Hi Guys, do you have any idea what the yellow stain inside this trout is? I found it in two trout that I caught a couple of weeks ago.

I replied the following to Alexis:

Hi Alexis

Sometimes when I have gutted trout I find a yellowy substance like that occasionally.  Think it could be something like bile? from the trout's gut.  Not 100% sure though. Will slip on the web and see if some other F.O.K. ( fountain of knowledge ) has an answer. 



If you know the answer, send us an email at 

I received an answer thanks to Josef Beautrais.  Josef writes:

Hi Jared,

You are right – it is bile. It has leaked from the gallbladder: that green, fluid-filled sac next to the liver. (The liver produces the bile which is then stored in the gallbladder). I always take care not to puncture the gall bladder because not only does the bile discolour the flesh and look unappetising, it’s really bitter and if you get too much on the flesh it spoils the taste. It also seems to leak out slowly when you leave the guts in too long, and along with the gut’s enzymes, partially digest the flesh around the gut cavity. You know, when you open a fish up a bit late and the ribs come free from the meat? Good reason to gut fish quickly! Just not into the river or strewn around the banks!



yellow stain trout july 2017.jpg

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