Friday 28th August 2015


Another fine sunny day with a good frost to start the day.  A bonus is the lack of wind which is great for the fly caster. 

The Firemen have finished their competition and have once again terrorized the local fish populations. Some did quite well, with others not doing so good.  The old "I can catch fish before the competition and catch them after the competition but during!!". Over the years I have called this "performance issues" and narrowed it down to trying too hard. The pressure of having to "get something" gives you the hoodoo.

There were a few browns weighed in with the heaviest being about 3.2kg (7lb) and the heaviest rainbow 2.8kg (just over 6lb) and the best condition factor was about 55. 

Around 50 anglers took part and the competition has been going nearly 30 years sponsored by Sporting Life.  

The "Golden Oldies" prize came up and a few sniggers went round as someone commented that they would all qualify for that one !! So if there are any "Young" firefighters out there who are interested ... give it a go next year !

Also getting a few reports filtering through that more recovering fish appear to be showing up now in some of the rivers.

REMINDER: Lake Rotoaira opens 1st September

I received this email thanks to Peter Naysmith as a follow up to the Shagworm write up the other day.  Peter writes:


Hi Guys

Here’s a bit of trivia that might clear some of the urban myths around the colour of trout flesh. We often hear that someone has caught a beautiful orange trout – it must have been eating koura. That’s sort of indirectly correct but it could have been eating a lot of other things in the food chain to get it’s orange flesh. The food chain starts with a certain phytoplankton which produces a powerful coloured antioxidant called astaxanthin. These phytoplankton are then ingested by zooplankton. The zooplankton are then ingested by smelt, bullies, koura, snails etc and thence up the food chain. So if the conditions are right and astaxanthin is getting up thru the food chain then we get orange fleshed trout. Presumably a white fleshed out of condition fish is just not eating enough out of the chain, and conversely for good conditioned orange fish. That argument would also go for post spawning fish that are a bit pail, as they haven’t yet got out into the good food.


Peter Naysmith



(Above & Below) Waiting for the prizes to be handed out at the Turangi Firestation.






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