Sunday 28th August 2016


Fine and sunny.  Little or no wind.  The Tongariro is down to about 33 cumecs and highly fishable. A perfect spring day here in Turangi today. 

If the weather keeps up like this then it may not be too far away for a bit of dry fly action to possibly start up, however the Spring can be a funny time of the year weatherwise.  One minute you can be in a T shirt, the next rugged up in fleeces, beanies and Waterproof coat as squally fronts bringing hail and sleet come through !  My advice is take things as they come and see how thing pan out over the next few months. However keep your eyes peeled for hatching Mayflies over the next few weeks.

A reminder that Lake Rotoaira opens on the 1st of September which is only a few days away.  

Also remember that Lakes Otamangakau and Kuratau do not open until 1st October.

Daylight savings begins on the 25th September so this will give me some extra light after work to get out for a fish ;-) ((Weather Pending!!!!))

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