Monday 28th August 2017


Overcast with rain falling at times. Moderate NW wind. The Tongariro is flowing at 35 cumecs and is fishable. 

Andrew reported that it was a busy weekend in the shop with Saturday being really busy. Still some great fishing to be had on all of the local rivers. The Tongariro is still flowing around the 35 cumec mark and running a little higher than its normal 27 cumecs.

The higher flows have been really good for the wetliners allowing you to get some good swings on the wetline. Still some very strong fish around that are giving anglers a good run for their money!

Plenty of pollen lining the puddles today!

Don't forget that Lake Rotoaira opens on 1st September. 

Lakes Otamangakau and Kuratau open 1st October


(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage thanks to an email sent in the last few days thank to Kieran Govind. Kieran writes:

Was up fishing your way the weekend of 12 August. 

We fished the lower TT as the river was up, on the Sat (12/8), we got 5 fish between 2 over about 4 hours. Fairly hard going but the fish were good. One 5.75lb, another 4.5lb. That evening a 6.25lb fish was landed and on the Sunday morning a lovely 5.5lb jack. Here are some pics.

Pic 1. Fish in the smokehouse.

Pic 2. 6.25lb hen

Pic 3 6.25lb hen before pic 2.

Pic 4. 5.5lb jack with boot like you do ;-)


kieran 1 govind august 2017.jpg


kieran 2 govind august 2017.jpg


kieran 3 govind aug 2017.jpg


kieran 4 govind aug 2017.jpg


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