Thursday 28th September 2017


Overcast. No wind as of 10:30am. The Tongariro is looking hot to trot today.  Best get out there and give it a nudge. We got a good storm come through Turangi last night with some thunder and heavy rain but this didn't affect the level of the river today.

The Boss headed through to Taupo this morning and reported the Waimarino dirty but fishable, Tauranga-Taupo (clean), Hinemaiaia looks good and Waitahanu River good. 

Most anglers are still catching plenty of fish.

I received this email and photos this morning from a little bit of delayed coverage thanks to Bruce Livingstone.  Bruce writes:

Good evening Jared

Have got back safely from Turangi after a fantastic week. Fished The Tongariro, Tauranga-Taupo, and Hinemaiaia.

Hooked so many fish I lost count. And so many bust offs. Far too much snapper fishing cultivates bad habits. I did land a few so very happy. Moved around a fair bit. At one point I realised I was unintendedly walking on fish. The fishery is in great shape..

The photos of deformed fish this week in interesting. I come across quite a few deformed fish as well. Wonder if they have been knocked about a bit when growing.

By the way the heavier line worked a treat. It certainly allowed me to place the fly a lot more accurately in the wind. Thank you so much for that.

Have attached a couple of photos

P1040665 small.jpg  shows new pools on the Tauranga-Taupo after the rain.

Cheers Bruce Livingstone

bruce 1 livingstone sep 2017.jpg

(Above) A new Tauranga-Taupo run ;-) might catch a few fish in the pumice !

bruce 2 livingstone sep 2017.jpg


bruce 3 livingstone sep 2017.jpg



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