Wednesday 28th October 2015


The day is overcast and drizzly today but at least there appears to be no wind ! It seems that as soon as the sun comes out then so does the wind !! At least when it is not windy then you can cast with relative ease, not fight the wind hard all day and tire yourself out. 

We should be experiencing caddis hatches soon but few reports on that front ( my motivation to get out for the evening rise has been put off by the wind that we have been getting - lucky I can get to pick my days! ) .... also that and the fact that the lawns are starting to take off now and need regular attendance and the jobs you couldn't get done over the Winter are now inevitable !

We received this email and photo thanks to David from over Labour Weekend. David writes:

Hi Team

Had a great family time in Turangi over Labour weekend again. Even managed to sneak out for a couple of sessions on the river and was well rewarded for the effort. All were spent fish like the one in the attached photo; but happiness filled. Thanks for the fly box advice Graham. It holds my Czech nymphs perfectly.  


David Arnst




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