Monday 28th November 2016


Fine and sunny with some cloud about. Quite a strong gusty W / SW wind blowing here in Turangi this morning.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

Boy has this Spring been pretty crappy weather wise!!!! However it appears the colder, wetter weather has kept fish running the Tongariro and also the river has been fishable apart from the strong winds at times. In the higher winds it is just a case if you are nymphing having to find the ODD sheltered spot, or wait between gusts to cast, or cast about 90 degrees away from where you want the line to land and then wait for the wind to blow it where it needs to go!!  Failing that, try a heavy sinking line to punch through the wind.

The evening rises have been reported as intermittent over the last week ... some nights sound ok, other nights not much happening. It would be nice to get some really nice warm, calm stable weather to get this going again. I have had the odd mosquito appearing at home in the evenings. This seems fairly early but wet conditions have most likely made ideal breeding conditions for them.  The wind tends to dry things out pretty quickly though. The temperatures have not really been that high apart from the two really nice sunny days we had last week. 


(Below) Looking upstream to the head of the Major Jones pool at about 8:15am this morning. Vegetation along the river has now taken off over the Spring. 


tongariro river major jones pool 28112016.jpg

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