Monday 29th February 2016


Overcast and humid start to the day in Turangi today.  All rivers are fishable. The cicadas have quietened off a lot now but in saying that I still hooked a fish on one after work on Friday.  Looks like fish have moved onto Passion Vine hoppers now. I managed to hook two using these flies but the good fish of the two got off !!

My Swedish mate Kjell arrived the other day so I went for a flick after work with him .... he only landed one tiddler and got a good fish on which came off .... OMG ! 

I moved through the water where he had been fishing and then landed another three nymphing. I was "mopping up the excess" that he left in the water for me. 


(Above) Kjell fishing the Tongariro River on Friday afternoon. 


(Above & Below) A couple of good fighters hooked on the nymph.  


(Below) Another rainbow hooked on the nymph.


(Below) These are what I call "Subway Fish" as they are either 6 inches or a foot long.  There are plenty of these in the river at the moment which will readily take your fly. In the past have called them River Rodents as they become a bit of a pest. Just remember these ones are there due to their parents breeding in the spawning runs from last year !  Some anglers seem concerned to see so many.  They are your future ones to catch.




(Above & Below) I encountered this rather sick looking fish lying in the shallows on Friday.  It barely had enough strength to open and close its mouth. It was still alive ... just.  I appeared to have been knocked around a bit possibly from the flood earlier and also has some scratch marks on the side of it possibly from a Shag attack. It was a nice coloured brown with a golden colour and had some nice red spots on it which are kind of rare on the browns from the Tongariro.


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