Tuesday 29th March 2016


Fine and sunny start to the morning this morning. A bit of a "crisp" feeling in the air this morning. All rivers are fishable. I went for a look along the Tongariro yesterday and saw quite a few good sized fish.  I managed to spot a few more browns as well. Also I saw the odd fish rising mid morning.  Keep the dries handy if you see this, especially on a sunny day. You may get some Mayflies hatching at this time.  Also I have noticed more green caddis nymphs. The wind picked up a little more in the day.  A few more leaves appear to be dropping off trees which indicates Autumn is well under way.  Should still be a few more weeks away until the Equinox winds start to blow.

Here is a little bit of delayed coverage from the start of Easter. This is John Ooi with a brown trout hooked in Motuopapa Bay.  Reports before the weekend indicated quite a few browns off the mouths but would now suspect some will have moved into the rivers with the rain and higher water that we got prior to Easter weekend. 



BREAKING NEWS: The mystery of the disappearing coffee solved !

The spoon with the coffee on the end of it, having missed the hole to the thermos, ended up in a coffee cup beside the thermos! Located by the beautiful wife doing the dishes and wondering what was in the bottom of the cup !



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