Thursday 29th March 2018


Overcast with light drizzly rain falling. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is fishable and flowing at 26 cumecs. 

I decided to head out on the Tongariro River with Kjell last night to see if he could get into a big brown before he left to head back home to Sweden.  I think this is his 30th year that he has been coming to New Zealand to fish as he loves it so much.  He said he really enjoys the countryside and the scenery ..... as well as the fishing. Unfortunately he didn't even get a nibble.

Last night was a bit quieter than the other night when we went out.  Not sure if it has something to do with the moon that was coming up to Full or not, or there appeared to be less of a flow in the river. 

I started off wetlining and hooked a couple of tiddlers like the one in the picture below. Kjell was nymphing and had no luck on that either. When it got dark we both wetlined.

So, if you are heading this way for the Easter weekend then get out there for a flick in the river and you might stumble across a good brown or three.

huge brown trout 1 tongariro river 28032018.jpg

(Below) We fished for ages and had no luck.  Then in the middle of the pool I kind of heard what I thought was a splash.  I shortened my cast and let the line swing and next thing felt a nibble. This brown took the fly.  It was a really long fish but had lost a bit of condition. 

huge brown trout 2 tongariro river 28032018.jpg

(Below) Check out the tail on this thing !!! It was almost as long as the first section of my 4 piece rod.

huge brown trout 3 tongariro river 28032018.jpg

(Below) After taking a couple of photos I released it.  Notice the goldy colour to the rocks?  They have a thin layer of slimy mud on them, but also note how the trout looks the same colour on its back .... perfect camouflage for the trout. They can be hard to spot at times during the day. 

huge brown trout 4 tongariro river 28032018.jpg


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