A little bit of chrome for Friday.


There is much chatter around town right now regarding the local fishing. Anglers have been finding it tough. The common theme is we need rain, we need a solid thrashing of rain and the fish will run, and once they run (rain provided first of course) they will be more than happy to impale themselves on our size 14 pheasant tail with reckless abandon.

My outlook on it is yes, yes we could do with a bit of rain but right now the fishing isn't bad, the fishing is challenging, challenging but rewarding. Now is a great time to up skill your fishing, your stalking, your game plans. I made it a goal for myself to learn over this summer, take my fishing in directions I didn't know too much about and possibly was uncomfortable with. I attended courses run in Turangi around Euro Nymphing, Streamer Fishing, Dry Fly Fishing, Casting Clinics. I made it a goal to as often as I could fish with better fly fisherman than me (wasn't hard to find them). I took this time to become better and better I have become.

We all love it when you get on the rivers or lakes and the day is just firing and its fish after fish and everything you do is a winner. It's how you approach these not bad but challenging times that can offer you some of the most rewarding fishing you will ever experience. So i encourage you to not sit back and be part of the chatter, be the FISHERMAN/ FISHERWOMAN out there making it happen, being the best you can be.


I got off work a bit early yesterday and went on a exploration mission to see what was around in the rivers, the Turangi area rivers are looking like good fun. I saw some nice 3lb ish Chrome rainbows being bought to the net on the Tongariro. Not huge numbers but good fish. Its still great weather for stalking so get down here for the weekend and make the most.


Local Graham Hamilton came into the store yesterday after a morning session on the delta and I took a few photos of a cracking looking rainbow he was taking home to smoke. Also got a couple shots of his famous fruit salad fly that he uses with devastating effect. Great to see him out doing his thing.







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