Sunday 29th April 2018


Overcast sky. No rain first thing this morning. No wind as of 9:30am.  The Tongariro is flowing at a highly fishable 36 cumecs but does have some light grey brown colour. This is perfect for swinging a big black wetfly or nymphing in selected areas using a good sized glo bug.

More rain is forecast for today and tomorrow so the river may come up even more than this later today / tomorrow.

This rain will have definitely moved some fresh fish up-river. With the colour of the water today, then this is a good chance to secure a huge brown trout.  I checked the river this morning and didn't see any anglers fishing ???  A couple were suiting up ready to go but once again I see few anglers taking advantage of these conditions as they currently are.

Just a reminder that duck shooting is just around the corner ( 1st weekend in May). Looks like we may be back into our " old " weather patterns where it might actually be a wet one for a change. Just a reminder for those heading to Lake Otamangakau and Lake Kuratau for a fish  ..... take some ear plugs and stay out of range ;-)


guided fly fishing trips 3 new zealand 29042018.jpg

(Above) Looking usptream to the S.H.1 road bridge at 9:00am this morning.

(Below) The fast run just below the S.H.1 road bridge where the diggers altered the channel. I was away on leave when this happened so this is really the first time I have checked it out. According to my KEEN fisherman's eye, I actually quite like what I see.  The pool just under the bridge should still fish really well if you will know how to fish it. Also let us just see what changes there may be after a huge flood as this may all change yet again.

guided fly fishing trips 2 new zealand 29042018.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream to the "Bridge Pool" of old.  I also see plenty of potential here ... if you know what to look for ;-)

guided fly fishing trips 1 new zealand 29042018.jpg


(Below) 12:00pm. Colin Binstead and Co were just in the shop and Colin said  "Jared you were spot on with your report to fish the dirty water.  We caught two browns.  Couldn't see our feet in knee deep water ". 

colin binstead 1 tongariro river brown trout 29042018.jpg


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