Tuesday 29th May 2018


Fine and sunny. A cold strong Southerly blowing.  This is expected to ease later in the day.  The Tongariro is highly fishable.

Boy did it blow yesterday !!! It would have been one of those days that if you are desperate to catch a fish it would have been better to sit in the pub !! It would have been a keen angler to be on the Tongariro yesterday.  Quite funny as 10km up the road the Boss said it was quite calm up by the Tauranga-Taupo River. The Southerly wind and SE wind are a bit of a bugger to fish the river.  The only thing you can do is drive around looking for a semi sheltered spot. Some days I have tucked in amongst some bushes to give you basically a strip of water about 20m long and about 10m wide that offers a calm spot. Or go and have a look at the Tauranga-Taupo River or Hinemaiaia River which may offer more shelter.


I had a young French angler in the shop with his Father yesterday to pick up a licence.  He asked if the fishing was " Good " at the moment.  I knew the answer that he was " angling " for, so I said to him:

" Each individual angler has a different interpretation of what good fishing is".  

I said " there is the angler that might fish all day and spot one fish, sit down on the bank, work out a plan of how he is going to catch the fish that he sees, do what he thinks he is going to do and catch this fish".  I said " he will think that the fishing is good".

 I next said " then there is the angler that has a stressful job and spends all day fishing, enjoys the peace and quiet and scenery and catches nothing ... and he is satisfied that he has had a good day of fishing ! " .  

I then said  " then there is the angler who lands 20 fish for the day but .... "  and the young fella spoke up and said " but then he will find the fishing no good as he will have wanted to catch 30 or 40 fish for the day" .  I said " yes, that is correct and he has found that for him the fishing has been no good and he will be the angler that will never be satisfied ". 

Hopefully the young fellow takes this on board for the rest of his fishing days! 



bain pool 1 sportng life turangi fishing report 29052018.jpg

(Above) I went out for a look at the river at lunchtime.  This was about 12:40pm.  Looking upstream from the Bain Pool carpark. To the centre of the picture is the Tongariro Lodge. If the river stays the way it is then this should be a nice run for anglers to fish, kind of looking like how it used to be. 

(Below) The run below the carpark where it heads down to the Bain Pool.

bain pool 2 sporting life turangi fishing report 29052018.jpg

(Below) Where the Bain Pool used to be where all of the channels are meeting and splitting. 

bain pool 3 sporting life turangi fishing report 29052018.jpg

(Below) Two channels to the left meeting. The channel to the right top heads off to the top of the Reed Pool, and the channel just in the front right heads off to the Log Pool. 

bain pool 4 sporting life turangi fishing report 29052018.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream from the Bain Pool ? to the Log Pool.

bain pool 5 sporting life turangi fishing report 29052018.jpg

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