Friday 29th July 2016


Overcast with rain. As of 9:00am the Tongariro is fishable and had an angler in the shop already who was catching fish !!  The river is flowing at about 48 cumecs. Great for the wetline. Most anglers through the shop yesterday were catching fish.

It was really foul weather last night and there was plenty of rain in town but suspect that most moisture falling in the hills will be falling as snow.  As a consequence the Tongariro is still at a fishable level.  The thing with snow is it is "frozen" water and will be a slow release into the Tongariro.

Looks like fish have run and it will only get better as we head towards September. 

fly fishing new zealand tongariro hydro pool 29072016.jpg

(Above) It almost makes me cry seeing the river in this condition and no anglers here in the Hydro Pool at 1:00pm today and I have to WORK!!!! The river looks in tip top condition to fish today.

(Below) Looking downstream towards the Mangamawhitwhiti Stream towards the tail of the Hydro Pool.

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river hydro 29072016.jpg

(Below) Fantastic water colour in the Tongariro River today.

fly fishing new zealand tongariro river hydro water 29072016.jpg

(Below) A good dump of snow on Mt Pihanga at lunchtime today

mt pihanga snow turangi 29072016.jpg

(Below) The Boss sent in this picture of the Hinemaiaia River at about 10:30am this morning. 

 His words were "Perfect"

fly fishing new zealand hinemaiaia river 29072016.jpg

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