Monday 29th August 2016


Overcast.  No wind as of 10:30am. The Tongariro is highly fishable. All other rivers should be worth a look. 

We've had a busy few weekends with plenty of anglers turning up to give the rivers a nudge. Some doing really well, others not even aware there are fish out there. Seems that the natural nymphs such as the caddis have been pretty good over the last week or two and most fish I have kept have had horn caddis in them. Also reports that one day a particular place may fire up then the next day anglers head back only to find not a lot happens. 

When the river was higher and coloured over the last few days, it would have been an ideal time to break out the wetline and fish "down and across". A few anglers would have avoided fishing the coloured water but may have missed an opportunity.


(Below)  Pete sent in this picture of a fish caught by his friend Jason Cochrane on the Peter Carty Intruder fly yesterday.  They spent a bit of time yesterday on the Tongariro Spey Casting.

peter carty intruder 28082016.jpg

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