Monday 5th September 2016


Overcast with rain falling at times. A few gusty W at times. The Tongariro is flowing at 36 cumecs and has a nice greeny colour.

This flush of extra water overnight should be good for the wetliners.  Break out the sinking lines and give them a burn. There should be some nice fresh rainbows moving with this extra water. 

Peter Carty was out fishing yesterday and managed to snag this rainbow with the help of his dog Kaiser.  Kaiser is Pete's secret weapon to locate fish since he "points" them out for him ;-).  I believe this fish was caught on a green caddis.

fly fishing turangi peter carty 2016.jpg

(Below) Andrew has been sneaking out and snagging a few as well. This one was caught in his lunch break the other day. All caught nymphing on a brown caddis.

fly fishing turangi andrew burden 2016.jpg

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