Tuesday 29th September 2015

What a beautiful and stunning day it is in Turangi today. The weather will be perfect for all visitors to Turangi, skiers, snowboarders and anglers. The mountain is open and looks pretty gorgeous so I would say a lot of the family anglers that are in Turangi at the moment will be up the mountain, so while they are up there its best to be out on the river!!

I talked to a few anglers yesterday, of whom many were asking about the Tauranga-Taupo River. By the sounds of it, they were all keen on taking a nice walk in there and finding a nice fishing spot. Haven't heard how they found it, but I hope they all had fun. Also heard from another angler that the Delta is still quite high, but after his time fishing there he went home enjoying himself, and so that was nice to hear.

Another thing that I really enjoy seeing is the young boys coming into the shop with there waders and rods and letting us know how they have got on, where they are fishing and all about the fish they are catching. Maybe its the mother coming out in me but how awesome is it to see our young men outside having a go at fishing and enjoying it. One of these young men who enjoyed their time fishing is below. His grandparents took him fishing and after catching his first fish (on only his third cast I might add) he is officially sold on the fishing buzz! Congrats Aidan!!! Look forward to seeing more of your fish!

There is also a wide variety of flies being sold in the shop, I cant even name the most popular ones as it seems every angler is trying something different. Whether they are trying pink flies, blue flies and all other kinds!






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