Friday 29th September 2017


Overcast.  No wind as of 9:30am. The Tongariro is clear and highly fishable flowing at 37 cumecs. 

I managed to get out for a burn on the Tongariro River yesterday after work making the most of daylight savings. My intention was to stay until dark to see if I could see anything rise. When I got to the river one fish rose a couple of times and that ended being that. The odd few Mayflies were hatching but nothing really looking up. The nymphing turned out to be dynamite while the odd Mayfly was hatching. I met up with another angler ...  Justin from the Sub-Tropical province north of Auckland. I gave him a little tip on where to pick up the fish and said to him to jump in while I lengthened my leader.  Next thing I look up and he was into a fish ! The fish put up a good fight and took him a while to land. It was a really long rainbow.  It was just over two feet long !!

After that we seemed to both be hooking up every third or fourth cast with double hook-ups.


spring fishing 4 tongairo river 28092017.jpg

(Above) I spotted this Mayfly coming towards me ... hard to try and get a clear photo while it is floating past.  These Mayflies remind me of the Americas Cup foiling yachts !

(Below) Justin with his nice silver rainbow.

spring fishing 5 tongariro river 28072017.jpg


spring fishing 1 tongariro river 28092017.jpg

(Above) This was a good solid fish.

(Below) Check out this football ! A really nice fresh hen.

spring fishing 2 tongariro river 28072017.jpg

(Below) This trout had orange "cuts"a little bit like a Cutthroat Rainbow.

spring fishing 3 tongariro river 28072017.jpg

(Below) This jack had a few sores on him.  Not sure what from but could possibly be from where he may have been foul hooked with the hook sights festering, or he could have been fighting with other jacks. 

spring fishing 6 tongariro river 28092017.jpg


spring fishing 7 tongariro river 28092017.jpg


spring fishing 8 tongariro river 28092017.jpg

(Above & Below) These were more feeding type fish.  They readily went for a small pheasant tail.  For most of the Winter I have caught fish mostly on glo bugs but the last few times out they have mostly taken naturals and ignored the glo bugs, however most other anglers are calling into the shop collecting glo bugs. 

spring fishing 9 tongariro river 28092017.jpg

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