Thursday 29th October 2015


Overcast start to the day today but the bonus once again for the fly angler is a lack of wind !! It has been quite a windy month and a few locals are getting a bit over it, however it is to be expected at this time of the year.  The fishing still seems to be pretty good by those fishing the Tongariro. Appears to be no shortage of fish. 

Here is something a little different to report on today.  I received this email this morning thanks to Wayne. It has to do with Whitetail Spider bites. Wayne writes:

Hi Jared,

It’s great to see fish being caught and your reports.  Just something to share and people to be aware of. Throughout NZ we now have a lot of Whitetail spiders. 3 weeks ago during my visit to Turangi I was bitten under my waders , how, I do not know.

It could have been in the waders  or even crawled there when I was wearing them. . 3 days later was in the A&E dept  having it seen to. Indications it was a spider bite. Now on the mend, having been in hospital then in and out for the past 2 weeks.
I would advise anyone with a bite that caused a lump and redness to get it checked as soon as possible. Whitetail bites can be nasty . It however would not stop me going back to Turangi and going fishing.

It could have happened anywhere.

Sorry didn’t get a picture, but did get bad enough to end up having surgery to clean it out. Now a hole 11mm deep  and the size of a dollar coin. So dressings at the hospital on going for at least the next week or so.
I just have to get right to get back to fishing.

Tight Lines Wayne.

A suggestion is possibly not hang your waders in a woodshed or leave them overnight on the doorstep as this is where Spiders could potentially get in them. I said to Wayne that we have had the spiders here for years and as a kid remember them crawling across the ceiling .... looking up and seeing huge ones, however in recent years I don't recall seeing too many. To find out a bit more click on the following link




Another interesting thing that happened last night is that "The Earth Moved" in the depths of the night ..... we had a swarm of earthquakes.  Quite exciting actually .... biggest ones were about 3.4 magnitude. The were centered about 7-10km deep just under the northern part of Lake Rotoaira. The first one woke me about 3:14am. I have lived in Turangi a long time now and felt many over the years.  These ones were best described as "juddering" or slight "shaking", not like the "wobbly" ones we have sometimes had or the "violent shaking" like the ones we got back in March 1984. On reflection I have tended to find most of those felt occur in the night (possibly due to the quiet, still nature they are easily detected). Sometimes you can hear them coming before the shaking starts.

This is one part of the joys of living in an active volcanic area.  I spoke to an angler many years ago who had traveled the world a lot and he said to me that he always tended to find the best fishing in areas that had Volcanoes. Possibly could be something to do with the minerals that come out of them for the water and also the fact that they may be high enough to attract water. 


(Below) A similar swarm occurred back in 2009 in roughly the same location. Last night I managed to get onto the really good website Geonet to find out where they were located. They are recorded and uploaded almost instantly. Check out the following link if you want some up to date information.  New Zealand has been known as "The Shakey Isles" for a long time for good reason. However a lot of recorded earthquakes go un-noticed or are not felt. 

Another interesting thing is that a tunnel for the power scheme was constructed to link Lake Rotoaira with the Tokaanu Power Station.  It was one of the shortest tunnels but I think took the longest to construct due to them having to bore basically through volcanic activity, another 17km long tunnel was drilled much quicker. Local documentary maker John Ball made a documentary with reference to drilling through the mountain in his documentary "Underground Tunnelling for Power".


Earthquakes June 2009.jpg



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