Saturday 29th October 2016


Fine and sunny start to the morning. Cool SW breeze ... a bit nippy.  The Tongariro is fishable this morning. Looks like some nice fresh fish still poking through the rivers. Plenty of fish around too. Should be some good nymphing at the moment with the nymph life in the river. Anglers are reporting lots of slime in the river and some would like this gone. This is a double edged sword.  The beauty of the slime is that it holds the copious amounts of nymph life. The only benefit of the slime not there is that it make the wading a little better and easier so that you are not slip sliding all over the show. Over the years I have noticed that with this slime comes the insect life. The glo bugs are still working pretty good at the moment due to the high numbers of fish in the river still squirting out eggs. It pays to mix up the fly choices a bit depending on the time of the day and also whether the day is sunny or overcast. 


michael1spey oct 2016.jpg

(Above & Below) The pictures and email are thanks to Michael. Michael writes:

Hi Peter , was nice chatting with you today discussing skagit techniques . Ended up an average day swinging various flies resulting in 10 hookups, landing 4 of them , a couple being bright silver fresh runners ��. Regards Michael


michael2spey oct 2016.jpg

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