Sunday 29th November 2015


Fine and sunny start to the day today with calm conditions.  If the last week is anything to go by then the wind should pick up mid day !!! 

I decided to head out for a flick after work yesterday.  I managed to land 5 in about half an hour before the evening rise took off.  Most took the green beetle.  I even had one fish take the beetle and my nymph.  Both hooks were hooked close together in the same side of the lip !!  Fish must be super fast when they do that when they are feeding.  In the past I have also had them take both of my nymphs when nymphing.  The bomb in one side of the mouth and the dropper in the other side !!  They must be lightening fast.

My main aim for yesterday was to muck around fishing until just after the rise.  Having fished the rise for the last 10 or 12 years it is getting to the point where it is just too easy to catch fish, so I am looking at targeting something else. I had to ignore the rise last night to try and catch the other thing on my radar.  I find that the Patrol Craft and Corvettes are feeding on the surface but I was after the Red October (it should be the Red November since we are into November and next month will have to be the Red December). A lurking submarine ..... 

While the Patrol Craft and Corvettes are targeting the mayflies and caddis, the Red October is targeting the Patrol Craft and the Corvettes !

It was mighty difficult to see all of these fish feeding hard out on the surface last night and completely ignore them!! The rise came and went ( a spectacular one too!).  However I fished through the darkness but I only got one touch.  I hooked it and all I got was "shake, shake, shake" and it was gone. The familiar feel of the lurking submarine .... something which I hadn't felt since the Summer !

I found that the rise wasn't really that good prior to 2004.  I think this was due to the amount of silt/ash covering the riverbed from the Ruapehu eruptions a few years beforehand, however after the 1450cumec flood of February 2004 I really noticed some fantastic evening rises. My suspicion is that the huge flood scoured the river of most of the silt/ash and exposed a rocky riverbed once again which is favourable for nymphs. For quite a few years I was basically the only angler out on the river for the evening rise with most anglers in the last 6 or 7 years cottoning on to how great it is for sport due to internet reports.

You MUST expect that at this time of the year there are a lot of recovering fish left over from spawning and this is just the natural process of the fish life cycle. Salmon become weak and are usually in poor condition, trout are similar, however the trout can feed up again and continue to live and spawn for many years. The spent fish readily feed on the abundant Mayflies and Caddis at this time of the year ( I presume Mayflies are called Mayflies as they hatch in May?? in the northern Hemisphere which is their Spring?). The fish feed heavily on the nymphs and adult insects and regain condition reasonably quickly. Some remain in the rivers over the summer and become similar to resident fish, however if there is a good flood then most of the spent or recovering fish work their way back out to Lake Taupo to feed up on the abundant food out in the lake to regain condition.  If you are boat fishing you may pick up some of these at the moment. 

I like this time of the year for the rivers as the weather is generally warmer and the fish are generally feeding therefore making them easier to catch, as well as the "SPORT" of the dry fly ( it kind of annoys me when anglers come in quite disappointed and say "I only caught 8 slabs ....." hey .... it beats working !  If it is top conditioned fish you are after for catching then head to Lake Taupo.


(Above) A beat up old jack who looks like he has been through the wars a bit. 

(Below) My nymph and green beetle in his lips ! 




(Above & Below) The typical types of fish you are likely to encounter at the moment.


(Below) This one was like a pocket rocket.  It cleaned out about 3/4 of my fly line in one run !


(Below) Another one on the green beetle.


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