Tuesday 29th November 2016


Overcast with some misty cloud about the hills here in Turangi today.  No rain as of 9:00am but it feels like we could get some during the later part of the day.  Slight breeze, nothing too strong at this stage. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Unfortunately the wind picked up a bit later in the morning but not the massively gusting stuff like last week or the weekend ... also the sun has kind come out .... more sun would be nice. 

I heard my first cicada today ... it sounded like one of the smaller grass ones. Still very early for these ... usually mid December we should start to hear more but they really kick off about mid January here in Turangi. We can still get quite cold weather over the December period, however is sheltered sunny spots you may hear them. 


tongariro river hydro 1 pool 29112016.jpg

(Above) The lower part of the Hydro Pool at 1:15pm today ... perfect looking water with no anglers in it.

(Below) Just look at that water there .... any volunteers ??

tongariro river hydro 2 pool 29112016.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream to the top of the Hydro Pool which really you can't call a pool anymore as it has shallowed out quite somewhat over the years.  Still a great place to have a crack though.

tongariro river hydro 3 pool 29112016.jpg


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