Thursday 29th November 2018


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  No rain or wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

I decided to head up to Lake Otamangakau on Tuesday to check out the new walking track. It was a nice sunny day which made spotting the fish much easier. I headed up there with West Island angler Henry Heron. The walking track was really good.

We saw quite a few large trout cruising in the shallow water. Henry picked up a nice conditioned brown trout quite quickly after leaving the car. The track made access easy and allowed for some great places to spot fish. 

The fish we saw either took off as you as you poked your head through a bush, or took off as soon as you lifted your rod to cast, or took off as soon and your line landed on the water or didn't even look at your flies !! We hooked about 4 or 5 but only landed one. 

I saw only two other anglers for nearly the whole time we were there.  A great day to be out and about.


lake otamangakau stalking fish 1 jared 27112018.jpg

(Above) Henry busy playing his trout at Lake Otamangakau.

(Below) The "sploosh" just before trying to land the fish.

lake otamangakau stalking fish 2 jared 27112018.jpg

(Below) Henry thought it was a small fish when he was playing it but was quite surprised at how big and fat this fish was.  A good sized plump brown trout. Lake Otamangakau is well known for large trout.

A few hazards to watch ... see the brown dirt below the fish ... as slippery as ice ... also when wading you may sink really deep in soft mud !

lake otamangakau stalking fish huge brown trout 3 jared 27112018.jpg

(Below) Most anglers are put off by fishing with this much weed but if you know what you can or can't do then this can be a good place to fish. 

lake otamangakau stalking fish in weed 6 jared 27112018.jpg

(Below) Henry also had a great time hooking and playing the bushes !! Learning to roll cast can help you avoid this. Mind you it does't make you catch more fish.  

lake otamangakau stalking fish 7 jared 27112018.jpg


lake otamangakau stalking fish damsel 4 jared 27112018.jpg

(Above & Below) Lake Otamangakau is famous for it's damsel fishing.  I scooped this one out of the water to check it out.  Quite a dark olive colour. We had takes on Damsels, Bloodworms and Snail Patterns. 

lake otamangakau stalking fish damsel 5 jared 27112018.jpg

(Below) I even took my spinning rod.  I gave it to Henry to have a cast ... first cast he wound up to cast ... then cast, next thing there was an almighty crack ... the line went limp and I said to him " What happened there?  Where's the lure ? " I thought he had got it stuck in the back of him .... about 30 seconds later and about half way out in the lake we hear "sploosh".  The lure had snapped off and disappeared ! Bugger it was my lucky pink one too.  I changed the lure and a couple of casts later he got a hit but he didn't do the drag up tight enough and it never went any further than that !

lake otamangakau stalking and spin fishing 8 jared 27112018.jpg

(Below)  The best part of the day ... lunchtime .... the Mrs was checking up on him !  I enjoy taking my lunch and sitting in a nice spot. 

lake otamangakau stalking fish old man fishing 9 jared 27112018.jpg

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