Thursday 29th December 2016


Overcast, light winds here in Turangi this morning.  All rivers are clear and fishable. 

Well, we got Christmas over and done with ... just have to deal with New Year.

Been quite busy in the shop over the last few days.  Just a reminder that we will be open right through the New Year.

Been busy with the boat fishing side of things. Interesting to note that the trolling has been a little on the quiet side with most anglers calling into the shop jigging, quite funny as last year it was mostly trolling.  Some good reports through from the boaties so far this season with most commenting on some really good conditioned fish. Also reports of smelt ... some reporting good sized smelt, others reporting only small smelt. I guess this will depend on what part of the Lake you are fishing. 

Jiggers have been using silicon smelts, ginger micks, green orbits and yellow parsons glories, Mini grey ghosts as well as Jack Sprats.

Fly fishing the Tongariro has still been productive with a lot of anglers targeting the evening rise.  Some still reporting fresh run fish in the river.

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