Saturday 30th January 2016


Hot and humid once again.  The cicadas are chirping madly.  They have been starting early in the morning with reports of them going through most of the night in places. The fish will be starting to feed hard out on them from now on. It is quite noisy fishing down by the river and walking along the track you will be bombarded by cicadas flying past.


(Above) The cicadas are not small as you can see by this one on my hand from a few years ago !

(Below) This picture shows how the fish like eating cicadas.  This was from January 2009 and I think we counted 32 cicadas that Dave managed to surgically remove from the stomach. Once the fish are locked on then they just can't help themselves. Once they have been pricked by a few flies then they become very wary and cautious.




(Above & Below) I came across this wasp nest down alongside the river the other day. I thought it was quite a novel construction utilizing an overhanging rock. They were busy doing stuff and when I got a bit closer the two at the front stopped doing things and stood guard over the rest !



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