Tuesday 30th January 2018


Overcast warm and humid. No wind as of 9:30am. The Tongariro is highly fishable at 34 cumecs. 

I decided to have an explore of the upper river on Sunday.  The river got really coloured up on Saturday ( not sure what caused this - possibly a slip) however I decided to have a look on Sunday.  The river was a nice milky greeny colour.  Some anglers would have said "too dirty" however after years of experience of fishing this river I thought it looked perfect. The colour helps the angler due to the fact they can almost get right on top of the fish.

blue sand and fence 1 pool 28012018.jpg

(Above) The new toilet at the Blue Pool carpark.

(Below) The carpark area at the Blue Pool looks a lot different now that the Pine trees have been cut down. This photo shows a pumice cliff.  The old river channel must have flowed through here below the pumice cliffs a long time ago. It is kind of strange driving up to the carpark now as all of the trees have gone.  For as long as I have been alive I always remember the trees.

blue sand and fence 2 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) I got out to the river to find it still quite coloured but a good colour. This is the top of the Blue Pool.

blue sand and fence 3 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) After the big 700 cumec flood a few weeks ago ... the rocks got scoured clean, however on Saturday the river got really muddy coloured possibly from a slip and a lot of this has settled on the rocks on the edges coating it in a fine layer of sediment. 

blue sand and fence 4 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) After about 6 casts nymphing I hooked up on this rather nice looking Brown Trout.  It took a small Pheasant tail. 

blue sand and fence 5 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) A few casts later landed this rainbow.

blue sand and fence 6 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) This Whio ( Blue Duck ) swam past me.  I am considering re-naming them "Peaking Ducks" .  There seems to be a heap of them on the river these days and just about everywhere I go I feel like something is watching me ... they are hard to spot as they are well camouflaged.  Next thing you know a "rock "moves and it is one of them ! 

blue sand and fence 7 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) The foot track on the way up to the Sand Pool.

blue sand and fence 8 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) Looking upstream to the tail of the Sand Pool. Most of the pines have gone. A few others have been drilled and poisoned on the way up to the Fence Pool, however now that they have died off branches have broken and crashed onto the track ( care may be taken to walk under them in high winds ).

blue sand and fence 9 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) I picked up this fish wetlining in the Sand Pool. 

blue sand and fence 91 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) I hooked about 10-15 "Sammy the Sardines"on Saturday.

blue sand and fence 92 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) The Whitikau Confluence. Looking nice but would be better in 25 cumec flows.

blue sand and fence 93 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) I got up to the Fence Pool and had a blast.  Since the water was coloured .... I thought it looked like that nice milky green colour in the Winter so thought I would try a glo bug.  They worked well. 

blue sand and fence 94 pool 28012018.jpg


blue sand and fence 95 pool 28012018.jpg


blue sand and fence 96 pool 28012018.jpg


blue sand and fence 97 pool 28012018.jpg


blue sand and fence 98 pool 28012018.jpg


blue sand and fence 99 pool 2802018.jpg

(Below) I got back to the Blue and extracted another good sized rainbow. 

blue sand and fence 991 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) This is the same fish as the picture above.  On taking this photo I noticed the fin was a little bit discoloured.

blue sand and fence 992 pool 28012018.jpg

(Below) On closer inspection I saw what looked to be a fin clipped fin.  Notice the straight line running along the fin.

blue sand and fence 993 pool 28012018 fin clip.jpg

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