Wednesday 30th March 2016


Fine and sunny start to the day today. All rivers are fishable. Light winds first thing this morning. This may pick up later in the day. 

The temperatures have really taken a dive first thing in the morning now. The days are very noticeably shorter. We are fast heading towards the joys of Winter....... ice cold wind, frosts and frozen guides on your rods!  Makes putting up with sunburn and sand fly bites of Summer a pleasure ;-) 

Fresh fish will be trickling into rivers at the moment but more will push upwards once we start to get more regular rainfall. Usually this is towards the end of April into May. River mouths should be worthwhile prior to rainfall. 

Don't forget daylight savings ends 3rd April !

Don't forget pegging day for duck shooting is Sunday 10th April 2016 (from 10am)

Opening day for duck shooting Saturday 7th May

Upper reaches of fishable rivers in the Taupo District close 31st May

Lake Otamangakau closes 31st May

Lakes Kuratau and Rotoaira close 30th June

Lots of things coming up .... time waits for no one !!


I received this email and photo yesterday thanks to Wayne from Easter weekend.  Wayne writes:

Lost a couple of very big brown  trout that didn’t want to be smoked. Photo is of a nice fresh rainbow I caught Sun evening a little over 3.5LB. Regards Wayne.
Sorry I didn’t get a better photo. My Very large Dry  or Woolly Bugger didn’t work so I left them for you.


(Below) Wayne's mega flies he was referring to. 




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