Thursday 30th March 2017


Overcast with no wind here in Turangi today.  The Tongariro is highly fishable today. Seems to be plenty of nymph life in the Tongariro still.  Quite a few mayfly and caddis nymphs. Suggest if one doesn't work change to another one and fish through the same water. Also had a few fish still rising during the day.  Mostly smaller ones but either seem to be hitting Passion Vine Hoppers or smaller Mayflies. 

There is the odd report of some nice fresh run rainbows.  The rain that we have been having over the last week or so should have moved some fresh ones up river.  The browns should have also moved with the extra water. 

I managed to get out for a flick on Tuesday on the Tongariro. After the rain the night before I thought the river would be up and coloured but ... to my surprise it was clear and the day turned out to be nice and sunny. Great fishing conditions.


nymphing tongariro river 2 jared 28032017.jpg

(Above) I landed this nice rainbow whilst nymphing. The net said 5lbs.  It was a good fighting fish.

nymphing tongariro river 1 jared 28032017.jpg

(Below) I met up with Jean Olivier and Emma who are from New Caledonia. They were out and about enjoying fishing on the Tongariro.  They hooked a few on the nymph.  Most were the "Subway" fish that were about 6-8 inches long but always a buzz when you get a wriggle on the end of your line. They seem to have appeared after the 240 cumec flood from a week or two back. They were most likely living in the tributaries and got flushed back into the main river.  They seem a little later this year.  Usually they disappear after April. 

nymphing tongariro river 3 jared 28032017.jpg


nymphing tongariro river 4 jared 28032017.jpg

(Below) Jean Olivier with a rainbow from the Hydro Pool. This one put up a good fight. We even saw a few fish rising here too.

nymphing tongariro river 5 jared 28032017.jpg



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