Wednesday 30th May 2018


Fine and sunny. A really good frost this morning.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and highly fishable. Seems to be some good reports filtering in from locals fishing first thing of the morning nymphing with glo bugs ... these bright sunny days will sort the men from the boys though. You might fnd once the sun comes up then the bite might go off. Usually the bright sunny days and higher barometer slows the runs of fish down and then anglers start reporting things getting a little tougher, however those who can be bothered to change their fly and leader lengths and weights of fly will still do quite well.  Also watch the bird life and see if they are active as this may indicate certain things going on under water in terms of hatches.

Some nice fish came through the river last week.  Just remeber that these fish can move upstream pretty quickly so if you caught them lower down one day they may have moved up-river .... especially some of the bigger stronger fish. Fish numbers should continue to build between now and the Spring.  While it is nice and bright and sunny start to look at some of the mouths and when it rains then fish will move.

Just also remember that the Tongariro River is a little different to fish than other rivers.  If you fish a pool one day and catch nothing don't discount going back the next day as running fish may come in overnight.  The idea is to go fishing and see if anything is there.... no harm in trying ..... it beats working ;-) especially on a stunning sunny day like today. 

The odd anglers have been exploring the Tauranga-Taupo with some quite positive reports early in the season. Once again beat the feet and go exploring.


 major jones pool 1 sporting life turangi fishing report again 30052018.jpg

 (Above) Two anglers fishing the Major Jones Pool at 1:00pm this afternoon. The Tongariro has just a light touch of colour to it and looks REALLY good for fishing today. 

 major jones pool 2 sporting life turangi fishing report 30052018.jpg

 (Above) What a stunning day it is here in Turangi today. This is looking upstream to the Hydro Pool in the distance.  I could see one angler fishing here ( just below the cliff in the picture below ).  Above the Cliff you can see a bit of white which is still snow on the Kaimanawa Ranges.  The last few days have been bitterly cold with the wind that we have been having but today is an awesome day with no wind. The snow up there has hung around. Hopefully we will get a god ski season on Mt Ruapehu this year.

major jones pool 3 sporting life turangi fishing report 30052018.jpg



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