Friday, 30th June 2017


Overcast with a good frost to start the day today. Some fog down by the Tongariro first thing this morning. No wind.  All rivers are fishable.

Not much to report on today .... pictures say a thousand words. Oh .... just remembered something .... quite a few browns have been caught in the Tongariro over the last week.

(Below) I received this email and picture yesterday thanks to Jason from River Birches Lodge here in Turangi. This is a nice looking rainbow. Also it is interesting to note the little patches of orange on the underside fin just up from the tail and also a hint of orange on its stomach.  There have been some really nice conditioned fish caught this year. 


Dear Sporting Life,

It is good to see that the winter runs are on. I caught two nice rainbow jacks in the lower reaches of the Tongariro while wet-lining with a Gold Bead Olive Wooly Bugger. Thanks for helping me select the right fly and for putting me on the fish.


Jason Bleibtreu


jason bleibtreu fresh run tongariro june 2017.jpg


(Below) I received this photo yesterday thanks to Michael.  Anglers have been sending in photos of some really cracker conditioned fish over the last few weeks. So far this year has been a boomer. 

michael nice rainbow tongariro double hand june 2017.jpg


(Below) This photo and email is thanks to Michael who sent this in today.  Michael writes:

Hi Jared
Missed you again! Beginning to think if you still work in the shop or your a house dad/ fisherman these days. Yes the fishing was a bit slower the past few days, plenty of fish in the river but they are suffering lock jaw, moving around and changing flies is the answer as always this pays off, some fresh fish and some nice coloured up jacks around with plenty of go in them. Loved the colouring in this guy, sent on his way to make babies. Hope to see you next week, maybe..... Father and Son outing coming up....
Michael and Carol


michael nice tongariro rainbow coloured jack june 2017.jpg


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