Sunday, 30th July 2017


Fine and sunny with a MEGA frost this morning. It was -5.5 degrees celcius on my outside thermometer at 7:30am this morning. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro and other rivers are highly fishable.

WOW !!! Was it bitterly cold yesterday with that wind. It felt like it was slicing right through you. Boy did we sell some handwarmers to very cold anglers yesterday. Today is a different story.  There was a really good frost but no wind which makes a huge difference. Roll on Summer !!!

Anglers are still reporting to us here at Sporting Life having no trouble catching fish with basically fantastic reports from all rivers with the exception being the Waitahanui.  Other rivers seem to have been holding lots and lots of fish with some really happy anglers. Some landing 8, some landing 15, some landing 23, some getting 40, and some up to 60 fish. Is this true or is there a bit of the Pinocchio Factor here ?

We received these photos and email this morning thanks to Curly from Taranaki.  Curly writes:

Hi guys been here for a few days. Caught some great fish & who said brownies don't eat glo bugs.

Curly McEwen.


curly 1 tongariro july 2017.jpg

 (Above) How do you land a brown?  Well, with the wind blowing a cast in the direction it wants to go not where you want it to go (ie close to the bank) , the flies land in the water and the indicator stops and you strike thinking it is the bottom but all of a sudden the bottom moves and you land a fish like this !! Glenn Stewart with a lucky brown trout.

curly 3 tongariro july 2017.jpg


curly 2 tongariro july 2017.jpg

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