Monday 30th July 2018


Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  The wind has picked up from the SW as of 10:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

It was a good wet weekend here in Turangi over the weekend. Some cold rainy squalls came over the town. This should be good to move a few more fresh fish up the river. Just shy over four weeks away until the start of Spring on the 1st September.  I noticed the Cherry trees are starting to bud up as of last week. The funny thing is somtimes we can get more severe Winter type of weather in the Spring than in the Winter !!

August is usually a fairly wet month which is god for fish movement.

The pictures below and the email is a bit of delayed coverage from just over a week ago thanks to Wayne from Wanganui.  There are some nice looking fresh fish here. Wayne writes: 


Hi, The crew at Sporting Life.

Great to catch up and do a bit of fishing and Rec. Fishing during the week was a little up and down, but I caught my share. Mostly in good condition with several fresh run trout with attitude, rather spirited. With 10-15 fish caught during the 4 days I fished and not even 1jack. All hens. Ranging from 2.5lb  to 5.4lb in weight. Over all a great week and it beats working . Saw some great fish caught by other fishers. The first 2  photos the fish took a little getting in 3.5lb  & 4.5lb & 4.8lb on the scales. The other was also a good conditioned fish. I never caught any spent fish , just lucky I suppose.

Looking forward to the next break.

Keep up all the good work.

Regards Wayne.


wanganui a wayne july 2018.jpg


wanganui b wayne july 2018.jpg


wanganui c wayne july 2018.jpg

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