Wednesday, 30th August 2017


Overcast with high cloud but the sun is trying to poke through. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is highly fishable today and flowing at about 34 cumecs.  

I received these photos and email on Monday afternoon thanks to Michael B or Taranaki.  Michael writes:


Hi Jared , you where asking for some pictures the other day so sending you some.  

With the weather so nice last week it was great to be out on the river swinging some flies, many others had the some idea, I have never seen the Red Hut car park so full!

A short walk to the Duchess Pool had me into 2 bright fish in the next few hours as well as dropping a few others, and not a soul to be seen, funny how a bit of a walk will put people off.

The winter floods and higher water have straightened the flow out making a perfect swinging pool for a spey setup. Back at Red Hut later with the crowds gone, at dusk a nice chrome bar hooked in shallow fast water danced and ripped me into the backing, a beautiful hen weighing in at 2kg, the only fish kept , a fantastic end to the day before the long drive home.


Michael B

aa michael 1 tongariro aug 2017.jpg

(Above)  A nice fresh silver bullet from the Tongariro River.

aa michael 2 tongariro aug 2017.jpg

(Above) Some nice looking water in the Duchess Pool. Always worth a look if you are prepared to walk. To me, part of fishing is enjoying the exploring and the walking. I tend to leave the easy pools for the older anglers who aren't so mobile on their feet.  If you are a young fella you should consider doing the same rather than hogging the easy to get to spots .... just remember one day you may need a knee or hip replacement .... also if you are a young fella you should be making the most of fly fishing before you need to wear glasses to be able to see to tie the fly on ;-)

(Below) Another rainbow landed after taking a fly on the swing.

aa michael 3 tongariro aug 2017.jpg

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