Saturday 30th September 2017


Blue sky !!!  Sunshine !!!!!!!!! OMG !!!! No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

This is what I would call an awesome Spring Day.  Today marks the start of the school holidays.  This will be on for the next two weeks. Tomorrow is the opening of Lakes Otamangakau and Kuratau and also the Backcountry rivers open up. 

Most anglers will possibly stay local to their rivers and we will see a steady trickle away from the Tongariro.  The bonus of this is that the river will still contain a lot of fish .... and these fish will start feeding on dry flies and then you should be able to take your pick of spots to indulge yourself of your favourite pursuit.

I received this photo and email yesterday thanks to Melville Brake. This was a really top conditioned rainbow caught by Melville. 

Melville writes:

Here's a pic of a nice trout caught in the Tongariro a couple of weekends ago about 2.5 kg

Thanks Melville Brake


melville brake.jpg

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