Friday 30th October 2015


Guess what ? Sun's out ..... wind is back !! Nice day though. It has been quite a windy Spring so far this year ..... could get another few weeks of the wind and then it should taper off a bit ... fingers crossed.  The wind just makes it a hard day in terms of having to fight to punch the lines into all day long, however seeking sheltered spots can help, also the words from a charter boat operator basically says it all.

The Tongariro is highly fishable today ... can't believe the flooding down Wellington way. Here in Turangi all we got was light drizzly rain ... bring your rods and fish away !

We received this email this morning thanks to Whiskery Mike who writes:

Good evening Graham, thank you for you referral to the Austrian couple, I was able to get them out onto the lake early Tuesday morning, despite the horrendous conditions, a determined southerly wind was sweeping out from waihi, we were able to find a small fishable stretch of water under the cliffs on the western side, the picture I believe finishes the story, many thanks; Whiskery Mike

Whiskery Mikes charters

(07) 386 6166

021 135 7838


whiskery mike austrian.jpg


I also received this email this morning in regards to the Earth Shaking yesterday thanks to Paul from Australia.  Paul writes:


Hi Jared,

Very sorry to hear about the shaking last night however our seismic charts here in Aus indicate that it was not an earth tremor but simply the knees knocking of a nation fearing a hiding from the wallabies.

Please let us know if the river turns brown prior to the game because after sunday I'm worried the mighty Tonga might go into flood from the tears of a nation.

Good luck!  Perhaps you should start selling tissues in the shop!

Paul Adam


I suppose the only thing to say that I heard is that:

" If you take the AB out of Wallaby ........ it spells  WALLY!" 

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