Monday 10th October 2017


Overcast, warm. The sun trying to poke through. No wind as of 9:00am. All rivers are fishable. 

Andrew reports that over the weekend anglers were reporting some good dry fly fishing during the day and for the evening rise on the Tongariro. The evening rise should pick up in intensity from now on and be almost as regular as clock work. In fact you can almost set your clock for when it will happen. 

Some good reports from anglers using Prince Nymphs which may represent a large Coloboriscus Mayfly nymph.

We are coming up to Guy Fawkes on 5th November and my recollections of being a kid here in Turangi growing up is that the weather can usually be wet and drizzly ( my memory of this is good as I had to try and light the wicks on the Double Happy's and Tom Thumbs and the lighter usually got wet !!! )

We wont be too far from the Green Beetle coming online as well.  This is usually mid to late November into December. 

Andrew also reported some good fishing up at Lake Otamangakau over the weekend. Nymphs such as bloodworms and pheasant tails might be worth a look.  We have also been selling quite a bit of spinning gear to anglers for fishing the small lakes who enjoy a bit more relaxed fishing of biffing out a lure and just winding it back in ..... quite therapeutic in comparison to sitting there watching for a twitch on an indicator. 

(Below) Local angler Graham Hamilton was in the shop on Friday last week and managed to hook this nice fish out trolling. He has found the fishing a little slow at the delta but been picking up some good fish trolling at the Southern End of Lake Taupo.

Graham Hamilton Trolling 27102017.jpg

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