Tuesday 30th October 2018


Overcast with some clear sunny patches. No wind or rain as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

There are a stack of fish in the Tongariro at present .... if you can't catch anything now then you should possibly consider taking up golf.

The Spring is a fantastic time of the year to fish here on the river ... as I said the other day anglers seek greener pastures closer to their home waters but as I have said in the past ... " The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence but it is just as hard to mow ! " 

The Tongariro at this time of the years is fantastic as you have such a wide range of fishing techniques that you can do. You have feeding fish, recovering fish, fresh fish, the browns will also start to trickle into the river.  The bonus is that there will be hardly any anglers on the water during the day ... possibly except for the change of light when they will all trickle out of the woodwork.

We can't be too far for the green beetles to start appearing now. 


oct 2018 top 10 things to do in turangi andrew.jpg

(Above & Below) Andrew was out and about over the last few days sight fishing the Tongariro. He said he picked up quite a few rainbows and spotted the odd brown as well. Dry fly / dropper fishing is well worth it in the shallow water, also swinging a pheasant tail or hare and copper on the wetline might be worth a go too. Sometimes trying something new or different might work well.

oct 2018 top 10 things to do in turangi andrew rainbow.jpg

(Below) This is a nice silver looking rainbow. Andrew says swinging the fly seems to be getting the more aggressive takes.

oct 2018 top 10 things to do in turangi andrew rainbow gold.jpg

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