Monday 30th November 2015


Another nice sunny start to the day today. A light breeze with some cloud building up. All rivers are fishable.

A few more anglers are calling into the store to pick up the Sporting Caddis for the evening rise. A few using the green beetle too. 

The Boss heard his first cicada the other day. Normally they kind of get going here in Turangi about the middle of December but can sometimes taper off a bit due to a cold snap and then come on again mid January through February and into March if it isn't too cold.  The temperature really effects them.  If it is too cold then they shut down.  A good moist humid summer usually gets them out and about (which we are due for). The last three summers have been in dry drought conditions and the thinking goes that the ground is too hard and dry for them to hatch unless they are very close to the river. They usually hatch every year but like our weather we sometimes have extremes being a massively good hatch one year, average ones most of the time and other years you hardly hear or see them.

We are due for one of those really wet, sticky, humid summers which we haven't had for a while ... watch out for the good summer floods ! Mind you while the weather is good and sunny the rivers are always fishable. 

Below: I received this email the other day thanks to one of the Ozzy anglers who visited just recently. 


Hi Jared,

Just wanted put in writing how great your advice and local knowledge was in helping us attaining good results in adverse conditions at times.

Even though we spent a truckload of cash on flies, we knew we had confidence in them and your advice was spot on.. (except for the orange hairy bomb thingy ;-) )

A great trip made even better with your insightful tips and great service..

Thanks again Jared and your tip on the Hydro Café was spot on as well..  Ate there most days.

Looking forward to catching next up time we come over..  all the best..

Warm regards John.



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