Friday 30th November 2018


Overcast and cooler start to the day here in Turangi today. No wind or rain as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

The following pictures are a little bit of delayed coverage from Tuesday afternoon.  After I went fishing up at Lake Otamangakau, I dropped Henry off at his place as he had some work to do and I decided that since I was still in the mood to fish, I headed out onto the Tongariro.  There were hardly any anglers around and I had most of the river to myself. 

(Below) As I was fishing and just landing a fish, a young fella came up behind me.  This is Mick from Delaware USA. He had been fishing the river for two days and basically had caught nothing and was quite chuffed to see someone landing a fish. He was quite a nice young chap with a good attitude and I felt sorry for him having caught nothing for 2 days of fishing.  He looked keen having no waders and wet shoes.  I said to him lets have a look at his set up.  He had a bit of a mess, so I tweeked a few things on his setup for him and gave him a few flies to try. About 5 minutes later I heard a yell and looked up to see him playing this fish. His first one. He was so pleased. I saw him in the shop yesterday and asked him how he was doing and he said he was up to 8 ! 


tongariro river spring nymphing 999999 jared mick from delaware 27112018.jpg

(Below) Before I saw Mick I was having a good bomb up .....

tongariro river spring nymphing 1 jared 27112018.jpg


tongariro river spring nymphing 2 jared 27112018.jpg

(Below) I noticed this Caddis Adult land on me.  Quite rare to see one during the day, so I changed nymphs ans seemed to be hooking up nearly every fourth or fifth cast.

tongariro river spring nymphing 3 jared 27112018.jpg

(Below) I pulled up a snag and checked it out and this confirmed my fly choice.  A big fat juicy green caddis.

tongariro river spring nymphing green caddis 8 jared 27112018.jpg

(Below) The uncoiled green caddis. Sometimes ... or should I say a lot of the time these are more effective than glo bugs.

tongariro river spring nymphing green caddis 9 jared 27112018.jpg


tongariro river spring nymphing 4 jared 27112018.jpg

(Below) This was a nice Tongariro River rainbow.

tongariro river spring nymphing 5 jared 27112018.jpg


tongariro river spring nymphing 6 jared 29112018.jpg


tongariro river spring nymphing 7 jared 27112018.jpg


tongariro river spring nymphing 99 jared 27112018.jpg

(Below) I only caught one " Sammy the Sardine ".  This was a nice looking baby rainbow ... Ideal food for a big cruising brown trout.  Everyone gets so hung up about catching the biggest and best fish but I enjoy these little fellas.  I liked the shape of the tail on this one and the darker blotches along the side of it. 

tongariro river spring nymphing 9999 jared 27112018.jpg


tongariro river spring nymphing 99999 jared 27112018.jpg

(Below) There are some decent sized rainbows still in the Tongariro at the moment.  The other thing I noticed is that they really have been fighting well. Nearly all of the fish I have caught have jumped and flipped out of the water. With the really nice Spring that we have been having,  the conditions have been kind to the fish and they have mended well after spawning with plenty of nymph life in the river. 

tongariro river spring nymphing 999 jared 27112018.jpg

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