Sunday 31st January 2016


Cicadas, cicadas, cicadas !!  There are heaps of them. Now would be a good time to try a cicada fly! They are thick in the air.

I saw "Chris the Greek" the other day who had been out jigging on Lake Taupo but hadn't had much luck, so I let him in on a few secrets. I tied him up a special jigging trace called the "Ouzo One" which has fish attracting abilities. Off he went and came back saying it worked.  He out fished his mate and sent in this picture of a really nice conditioned rainbow that he caught. Chris could not stop smiling !



I also received this email the other day thanks to Herb Spannagl. Herb's comment about catching lots and keeping few has been very consistent with other boating anglers reports.  Seems like the fishing has be "fantastic" but the "condition" not so good. Herb writes:


Been to Kuratau for a week and tried jigging from the kayak.   I am still recovering from my double knee replacement I still cant climb over boulders which rules out fishing the rivers.     Certainly not rocket science which explains the popularity of jigging.     Got over 100 in four days but only 1:15 would have been a fish worth killing.    Hope they stacking on condition in the coming months.
Planning another jigging trip after the tuna have departed to the tropics.     
Kind regards to you and Graham
Herb Spannagl


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