Thursday 31st March 2016


Fine with some cloud.  Light, crisp breeze.  All rivers are fishable. 

I decided to head out for a fish after work last night to see if I could catch some of the browns that I had seen in the river. There was a reasonable rise last night as well with the fish appearing to take emergers. 

I had the wetline on to give it a burn and waited for darkness. Just before dark I caught the smallest fish I have caught on a fly that was about 1cm shorter than the fish. I thought I had hooked a leaf !! It was a small rainbow fry about 7cm long ... I think "Kjell's" mojo had rubbed off on me !!! 

However hooking this it was a good sign that there would be some browns lurking around to feed on these.  Not long after it got dark I hooked up on what felt like a solid fish.  I managed to get it close to shore but the browns are like towing in a wet sack until their belly touches the bottom and then they jump and broach the surface and then take off !!  Deciding this was a good fish I thought I would stand knee deep and get the net and land it a bit further out.  I got it to the net but instead of the head going in the body went sideways across the net. Next thing it shot between me and the bank and I couldn't swing the rod behind me fast enough and it busted off.  Looked like about an 8lb brown !! Bugger.

Not long after I hooked another brown much smaller than the first and landed this one.  To my surprise it took a lumo doll fly. I put this one back and then a few casts later landed a much more plump fish.

These browns in this condition seem to be about a month later than usual. 

Here I was on a World Class River with World Class Fish and not another angler in sight !!! Almost felt like it was my own river.  Also the bonus last night was I managed to see a shooting star streaking across the sky too. 





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